Training and Mentoring Service

All our candidates have to take on skills development training program in line with the job in question so as to meet the client company standards and requirements

Our training curriculum for our security personnel covers modern and combat proven techniques. The Law of Armed Conflict, Rules for the Use of Force, Personnel and Vehicle Search Procedures, Security Drills, Static Guard and Escort Duties, Communication Procedures, Customer Care, Fire Fighting procedures, Basic First Aid, Health and Safety among others.

Pre-departure orientation and training

Our Pre-departure Orientation and Training program is fully accredited and approved by the government through the Ministry Of Gender Labour and Social Development (MOLSD).

The program is carefully designed to enable migrant workers to adapt to Political, Cultural, Social and Economic context of the host country, protecting vulnerable migrant workers.

Pre-departure orientation training is an important tool that empowers migrant workers with essential skills and information before travelling.

We purse the highest quality in all our training interactions by ensuring our content and material is relevant and up to date with the help of our experienced experts in the field

Curriculum Components include: Psycho-Social &Economic Orientation, Cultural & Social Orientation, Legal & Labour Market Orientation, First Aid, Food Hygiene, House Keeping, Customer Care & Interpersonal Relations, Children, Elderly and PWD Care, House Keeping, Basic Financial Literacy & Use of ICT devices

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