Screening and Vetting Service

At WAKANDA, we do a robust employee screening and vetting. This helps us to minimize the risk of making inappropriate recruitment decisions thus prevents the fraud, dishonesty or misconduct and cause damage to us and our clients’ business brand, reputation and financial loss.

WAKANDA Employment Screening and Vetting Services offer a range of employment screening packages, which help our clients meet their needs.

Our core Employment Screening checks comprise of the following components: –

Identity Check

Verification of a person’s identifying credentials such as Passport or Birth Certificate, helps ensure that they are who they say they are.

Academic Qualification Validation
A direct request is made to the school, college or university to confirm the individual’s qualifications and/or period of attendance.

Employment History
The individual’s employment history is validated through written and/or verbal referencing from previous employers.

Professional Qualification and Membership Check
A direct request is made to the professional body, requesting confirmation of the individual’s date of joining, membership status and professional qualifications.

Criminal Record Search
WAKANDA will do a Criminal Record check using Interpol. WAKANDA ensure that all candidates don’t have any criminal record. If the candidates are found with criminal record, they are barred from deployment.

Driving License Check. All driving permits for drivers are checked whether they are authentic before being deployed.

Why Choose Us

Because we follow up on every deployed candidate from the start to the end to ensure that the welfare of workers and their human rights and dignity in the host country are promoted and protected in conjunction relevant authorities in accordance with applicable laws with special attention devoted to female domestic workers’ health and safety given their vulnerability

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