Job Deployment and Placement Service

Job development is a key function in workforce development organizations. WAKANDA identify job opportunities and match employer and candidate interests, needs, skills, and experience. Wakanda work with listings of job openings that are available or provided by our clients, join employer networks or associations to find out about opportunities, cold call potential employer partners, or rely on existing employer relationships to find out about opportunities. This job development has helped Wakanda to build long-term employer relationships.

At WAKANDA, we have Job developers, employment specialists, account managers, and career navigators to provide job development assistance. Job seekers often need support in identifying and accessing job opportunities and this is what WAKANDA does best.

Why Choose Us

Because we follow up on every deployed candidate from the start to the end to ensure that the welfare of workers and their human rights and dignity in the host country are promoted and protected in conjunction relevant authorities in accordance with applicable laws with special attention devoted to female domestic workers’ health and safety given their vulnerability


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