Counselling and Guidance

Today the latest trend in Human resource world is “Employee Guidance and Counselling at Workplace”. In this competitive world there are de-stressed employees in each and every organization. It’s difficult to find a tension free employee in an organization.

At WAKANDA, we give Guidance and counselling services to all candidates before they are deployed and at work places. We have a team of counselors who keep in touch with all workers at all times. This helps workers to:

  • Understand themselves,
  • Understand the situations and look at themselves with a new perspective and positive outlook
  • Have better decision making
  • Have Alternate solutions to problems
  • Cope with the situation and the stress at work place
  • Tackle with the problems effectively.

As a result of our Guidance and Counseling services, there is possibility of smooth coordination between employer and employees, reduces the resignation rate of workers , reduces the cost of hiring  and training new employees and increased productivity of all our workers we deploy

Why Choose Us

Because we follow up on every deployed candidate from the start to the end to ensure that the welfare of workers and their human rights and dignity in the host country are promoted and protected in conjunction relevant authorities in accordance with applicable laws with special attention devoted to female domestic workers’ health and safety given their vulnerability

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