Wakanda World Limited Membership

Wakanda World Limited is a member of Uganda External recruitment Agencies (UAERA).

UAERA is the only umbrella organization that brings together close to 200 companies/agencies involved in Labour Migration in Uganda.

To ensure protection of migrant workers, and observation of their human rights and welfare in accordance with the international labour standards is not something a single company like Wakanda World Ltd can achieve alone because of complex MOUs, diverse cultures and bilateral agreements sign, it requires concerted efforts of sector players involved in Labour Migration.

It is the reason that Wakanda World Ltd proudly joined UAERA membership for this cause.

Why choose Us

Because we follow up on every deployed candidate from the start to the end to ensure that the welfare of workers and their human rights and dignity in the host country are promoted and protected in conjunction relevant authorities in accordance with applicable laws with special attention devoted to female domestic workers’ health and safety given their vulnerability

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