Who we are

We are WAKANDA WORLD LTD, the leaders in recruiting and supplying tailored labour force to our partners in Middle East and rest of the world.

We are registered recruitment agency based in Kampala, Uganda and we offer recruitment services and supply highly qualified Security Guards, Receptionists, Cleaners, Cashiers, Casual Workers, IT Professionals, Maintenance Assistants, Store Keepers, Domestic Workers, Drivers and all Categories of Workers.

At WAKANDA WORLD LIMITED, we believe that a great business starts with great people – people who are committed to the organization’s vision, are focused on results and deliver outstanding performance. With over 2 years combined experience in the recruitment industry, WAKANDA WORLD LIMITED offers an extensive network to be able to identify and attract these high caliber candidates not only in a simpler way but also faster and safer!

At WAKANDA, we value time and respect deadlines. We have an excellent strategy to accelerate our hiring process to satisfy our clients’ demands in time! For example, we have the supporting technology to carry out video interviews which helps to save time and cost of recruitment and deployment. Also with our smart idea of specialized software which helps candidates to record videos of themselves responding to questions from the interviewer appearing on the screen, gives WAKANDA WORLD LTD an edge in a recruitment industry!

We offer a high level of dedication through a skilled and motivated team of recruitment specialists. At WAKANDA WORLD LIMITED, our consultants with proven industry experience are prepared to supply whatever kind of manpower that our partners need in the shortest time possible. We are very committed to building lasting relationships with our clients and candidates

Our Strategic Direction

Our Vision

“To be the leading national and International professional and service oriented labour force recruitment company”

Our Mission

“To recruit, train and deploy integrated labour force that can pro-actively, effectively deliver professional services beyond our customers’ expectations”

Our Core Values

  1. Professionalism
  2. Team Work
  3. Integrity
  4. Quality Service

What we do

We specialise in labour recruitment, training, mentoring and placement of well-trained labour force with necessary skills and competencies to deliver beyond client’s expectations. Our workers are all round trained force equipped with focusing on productivity and work safety standards


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